Purna Sanctuary

Purna is a Sanctuary, where luxuriant dense forests with thick bamboo brakes enchant visitors. People get surprised to see such pristine forests in the area, which happens to be an extension of the Western Ghats. For an eco-tourist wanting to enjoy birds of moist deciduous forest mixed with bamboo, this is the best place to visit. The Sanctuary is a part of forests in northern part of the Dangs district in South Gujarat. The area covering 160.8 sq. km is a reserved forest, which has been notified as Sanctuary in July 1990.

About the Sanctuary
Purna Sanctuary is a part of dense moist deciduous forests in Western Ghat of Gujarat and supports gamut of flora and fauna of very high evolutionary value. The Sanctuary, along with Vansda National Park, is the only Protected Area in South Gujarat for conserving diverse biological resources. Wild bulls, elephants, Sloth bear and rhinoceros also roamed in this forest-tract during historic past (Mughal Period). Forests of this region satisfy material and cultural needs of local tribals and maintain ecological stability of the area.

Different types of forests that constitute varied habitats are moist mixed deciduous forest, moist teak forest and bamboo brakes. Bamboo forms thick middle storey in large area with tree cover having moderately dense canopy. 'Mahal' forest in the Protected Area is one of the best forests in the State.

About 700 identified plant species with dominance of grasses and broad-leaved plants in high density and diversity are found in the Sanctuary. Dendrocalamus strictus (Bamboo), Tectona grandis (teak), and Wrightia tinctoria (dudhalo) are major tree species. Dalbergia latifolia (sissoo), Albizzia procera (safed siras), Ougeinia oogeinensis (tanach), Mitragyna parviflora (kalam), Terminlia crenulata (sadad), Acacia catechu (khair), A. ferruginia, Pongamia pinnata (karanj), Adina cordi/olia (haldu), Saccopentalum tomentosa, Lagerstroemia parviflora (chopadi bondara) are other important tree species.


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